Google Classroom Adds New Features

Google is constantly updating its apps and adding new features. Here are a few that you may not have noticed yet.

Calendar Integration: Now, when you create an assignment with a due date in Google Classroom, it will be added to a Google Calendar that will be automatically generated for the class. This is exciting because the students in the class will be be able to see this calendar and can have events, like due dates, appear in the calendar on their iPad. What a great tool to help our students get organized and plan their work across classes!

Questions: Along with announcements and assignments, teachers can now choose a new type of post – Questions.

Re-use Post: Teachers can now access posts they have made previously in order to re-use them. This includes assignments from other classes, earlier in the year, and even from previous years. This could be a big time saver! 

Move to the Top: Teachers now have the option to bump a post to the top of the stream so that it does not get lost as other comments are posted.

If you are interested in using Google Classroom, but feel that you need some support to help get you started, please feel free to contact Jody Meacher.