Documents for Principals

Bill 56 

ETSB Protocol for Continuing to Create Safe Schools

Code request forms

Code 12 – Request Form

Code 12 – Observational Checklist Form

Code 14 Request Severe Behavioral Disorders

Code 23 Request -Profound Intellectual Disabilities

Code 24 Request – Moderate to severe intellectual disabilities

Code 33 Request – Organic or Mild Motor impairments

Code 34 Request- Language disorders

Code 36 Request – Severe Motor Impairments

Code 42 Request- Visual Impairments

Code 44 Request- Hearing Impairments

Code 50-99 Request Autism Spectrum Disorders

Code 53 Request -Psychopathological Disorders

Code 98 Request Form

Home Services 

Home Services – Request Form

Home Services – Review Report

Home Services – Contract

Home Services – Information

Home Services – Homework Sheet

Home Services – Checklist

Mesure 30810 – Request for Specialized Material

Mesure 30810 – Request to Purchase Materials

Mesure 30810 -Loan of Technological Equipment Form

Mesure 30810 -Loan of Technological Equipment Form (Electronic)

Mesure 30810 – Retrieval of Equipment

Modified Programs

Decision-Making Tool for Modified Program

Referral Forms

Referral Form – Elementary

Referral form – Secondary

Restraint & Isolation of Students

ETSB Guidelines for Restraint and Isolation

Report Following the use of Restraint or Isolation

Post-Intervention Reporting Form and Follow-up Plan


Request for Retention

Request for Derogation

Procedure – Request for Kindergarten Derogation

Safe School Analysis

Guidelines of Evaluation and Intervention in the Event of Major Incident or Worrisome Behaviours

Safe School Framework

Case Study Form For Safe School Analysis

Letter to Parents – Safe School Analysis

Safe School Analysis – Request Form

W.A.T.C.H. Action Plan

W.A.T.C.H. Action Plan